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  The Tile Floor:  "Timeless" Unmatched Beauty & Elegance 

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Homeowners are fully aware of the elegance, beauty and durability that 'Tile Floors' bring to their home. An ever increasing number of homeowners are including tile floor design accents in their building and renovation plans. 

Additionally, contractors are offering a wider array tile floor options/upgrades in their building and remodeling projects.

The good looks and style that a tile floor adds to a room has been legendary for 'literally' centuries. The durability is unmatched, and the 'value' proposition of tile floors as measured on return-on-investment is unequalled. 

Not only does a tile floor look great, but it also has a practical side. Cleaning is simple. Maintenance is virtually non-existent. The design choices are virtually infinite, (which is good- news and bad-news). What you can accomplish with the help of Tile Artistry professionals is limited only to your imagination and budget.

  The Starting point---Decisions, Decisions:  (top of page)

Where do you start when you are considering to use Tile Flooring ? The following is the first question to answer before you get started with the planning process.

  • What type of project are you undertaking?

    • New Construction

    • Remodeling/Floor replacement

    • Restoration/Renovation

Each type of project will require a different approach to the planning, design, implementation and ultimately the cost of the project.

. Invite Tile Artistry professionals to participate in this early stage of your project to achieve maximum return on your flooring investment. This level of involvement is a standard part of our project methodology and does not add additional cost to the overall project.

If you choose the 'Do-Some-Yourself' level of service offered by Tile Artistry, this is the recommended starting point.


  The Planning Process: (top of page) 

With the above question answered and involvement of Tile Artistry professionals, you can start planning your 'Tile Floor" project. 

The first task to complete is selecting the tile, trim and other details.

      Design Choices----- Size & Type of tile, Pattern...etc (top of page)

Obviously, the first decision is the actual tile that you believe will be perfect in the space. The variety of tile is huge, and can sometimes confound the client. 

The client is faced with several decisions, such as size of tile, pattern, floor design and of course color & texture.

Tile prices can appear to vary a great deal. But the old adage, 'You Get What You Pay For' is true with tile. 

Yes, price varies, but the vast majority of projects do not require specialty tile. Therefore, reasonably priced tile is perfect for all but the most complex jobs/designs. 

Tile Artistry professionals will assist you through this process, but ultimately you must 'Live" with the selection, therefore the final decision will be yours.


      Installation -----floor structure is crucial (top of page)
The most critical aspect of a high quality floor tile installation is the existing floor system (structure). The floor MUST be structurally sound, reasonably level and free of defects. 

The two most common floor systems are wood framed systems and concrete (concrete slab). The wood framed system is typical on most residential construction whether on the first or subsequent floors. Concrete slabs are typical in basements (including walkout/daylight basements)  and patios (both indoor & outdoor).

Tile Installation over wood floor:

Each client must understand, that a floor tile installation over a wood structure floor system actually requires the installation of two floor systems. The first installation is underlayment material, the second installation is the actual tile you have chosen.  

The obvious implications of this fact is that there is an additional cost over and above the cost of the tile job alone. Underlayment material is reasonably priced and available at all supply houses and home improvement stores. It must be stressed, that only under extremely unique circumstances can a ceramic tile floor be installed over a wood floor structure without the installation of a sub-floor. 

Tile Installation over concrete slab:

Floor tile installed on a concrete floor system (concrete slab) is straight-forward. Under normal circumstances, a sub-floor is not required. If the floor is dry, not cracked and generally level, ceramic tile can be installed directly over the concrete. The cost of underlayment material and labor are avoided. This makes the use of tile in a basement (including walkout/daylight basements)  and patios (both indoor & outdoor) very cost effective.



      Next Step ----- (top of page)
The Tile Artistry project methodology begins with a No Obligation Project Assessment.  It is a very simple process,  our professionals will consult with you on;
  • Project Feasibility
  • Material Options
  • Material Acquisition & Cost
  • Installation Strategy
  • Total Project Cost

Additionally, we will highlight risks and pitfalls. This is especially critical on renovation and/or restoration projects. 

Contact Tile Artistry to begin the planning process. Our professionals will advise you on how best to utilize Industry Best Practices on your tile project.

Click here to schedule a No Obligation Project Assessment. 


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